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09 09 2004




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Loud music lung collapse warning

Loud music can do more than damage your hearing - it can also cause your
lungs to collapse.

Experts writing in the Thorax detail four cases where loud music fans
experienced the condition, known as a pneumothorax.

One man was driving when he experienced a pneumothorax, characterised by
breathlessness and chest pain.

Doctors linked it to a 1,000 watt "bass box" fitted to his car to boost the
power of his stereo.

A pneumothorax occurs when air gets into the space between the lung and the
membrane that covers it when small breaks occur in the lung wall.

It is thought the intense pulses of low-frequency, high-energy sound causes
the lung to rupture because air and tissue respond differently to sound.

The usual risk factors for collapsed lungs are smoking, illness that has
weakened the patient, chronic obstructive lung disease or use of drugs that
depress alertness or consciousness, such as sedatives, barbiturates,
tranquilizers, or alcohol.

If the oxygen supply to the vital organs is seriously diminished, the
patient's life could be put at risk.

A pneumothorax is treated by inserting a tube called a chest drain to allow
air to escape from the chest cavity.


In a second case detailed in Thorax, a 25-year-old smoker saw doctors after
experiencing a sudden severe pain in the left side of this chest while
standing next to a loud speaker in a club.

A third man, a 23-year-old non-smoker, experienced a collapsed lung while
attending a pop concert, where he was standing quietly near to several large
loud speakers.

In the final case outlined in the journal, a 23-year-old regular smoker had
suffered pneumothorax on several occasions.

During a follow-up consultation, where doctors were talking to him about
what could have led up to each incident, he revealed that on two of the four
occasions, he had been attending a heavy metal concert when he became ill.

Dr John Harvey, of Southmead Hospital in Bristol, who wrote the Thorax
report, with colleagues from Belgium, told The Times newspaper: "This is
quite a common condition.

"A typical district hospital might see about 50 patients a year in casualty.

"We can't estimate how common loud music is as a cause, but it is probably
quite significant.

"The condition is three times commoner in men than in women, and a
proportion of sufferers may have been clubbing or standing next to a bass
box at a pop concert."

Dr Harvey added: "Both my Belgian colleagues and I have seen cases and the more we mention it, the more people say 'I had a case like that'.

"So we're flagging it up so that doctors can ask the right questions."

09 09 2004



I will be DJing a record release party for THE PANTHERS album release party. VICE records is releasing their album on Sep 28. Party takes place at an underground space called Mighty Robot on Wythe and S 6th St on FRIDAY
SEPTEMBER 24. Free beer, acid visuals, outlaw vibe.

Prepare to see hipsters melt under the hammer of ABRUPTUM/VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN & DIAMANDA GALAS/BOHREN mixes via CAVEMAN SKULL.


09 09 2004


we're gone almost and not to return until every republican
weeps w/ bleeding ears and goats roam free with wings and gills!
psi annual tour of the upsidedown mindbender softly speaking
hidden words of encouragement. please enjoy the nothingness from
buffalo to new orleans and beyond!

Sa 9/4 - Buffalo NY, Soundlab – http://www.bigorbitgallery.org/soundlab
Su 9/5 - Cleveland OH, Asterisk Gallery
Tu 9/7 - Cincinnati OH, the Mockbee – http://www.themockbee.org
We 9/8 - Lexington KY, the Charles Mansion - 305 Grosvenor Ave
Th 9/9 - Louisville KY, Uncle Pleasant’s
Fr 9/10 - St. Louis MO, Christman Studios - http://www.newmusiccircle.org
Su 9/12 - St. Charles MO, St. Charles Community College
Mo 9/13 - Oklahoma City OK, the Conservatory - http://www.conservatoryokc.com
Tu 9/14 - Dallas TX, Dallas Center for Contemporary Art - http://www.thecontemporary.net/
Th 9/16 - Austin TX, Church of the Friendly Ghost - http://www.churchofthefriendlyghost.com
Sa 9/18 - Houston TX, Super Happy Fun Land - http://www.superhappyfunland.com
Su 9/19 - New Orleans LA, the Dragon's Den
We 9/22 - Nashville TN, the Springwater
Th 9/23 - Atlanta GA, Eyedrum - http://tk-jk.net/euphonic/ & http://www.eyedrum.org
Fr 9/24 - Athens GA, X-Ray Cafe
Sa 9/25 - Winston-Salem NC, the Werehouse - http://www.thewerehouse.com
Su 9/26 - Baltimore MD, the True Vine - 1123 W36th St.
Mo 9/27 - Washington DC, the Black Cat – http://www.blackcatdc.com/
Th 9/30 - Brooklyn NY, Aqui the Bushwick – 249 Varet Street – Fourth Floor
With performances by Crank Sturgeon, Naval Cassidy, Miguel Gutierrez and Marissa Perel.

also evolving ear is pleased to announce the release of new psi 7":
with beautiful hand painted covers by Heronymous Applebee.

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