12 08 2004

Motörhead programme ala 78




Thanks to Mr. Babcock for providing this in pdf form. A true testament to the beauty of volume. You can download the entire program here.


We give credit to the great John Coulthart
who scanned and PDFed all this amazing Motörhead stuff. Here is his website.

12 08 2004
12 08 2004

THORR'S HAMMER lyrics translation

Below are Norwegian--->English translation of the lyrics to 1994’s THORR'S HAMMER "Dommedagsnatt" as originally written by Runhild Gammelsæter & performed by herself and yours truly (on trollvokills).


Through a desolate and freezing night two lovers seek together.
Greater grows the flame when the night is bitterly big and deserted.
In this way our heart seeks the heart of Norway,
like flames in the cold
and the storm a fire: Here there are two through lust or pain
- we and our country

Norway in our hearts!
Live, oh fatherland!
There you shall rock in tenderness like the wind in the summer fields!

There you shall roar in pride like scarred trees towards
ocean fields like a hymn of life from the varde (a sort of roadmark
along mountain tops) to the last rock (in the sea).

The ladders go deep in the mines of the black day; like
ghost cocus burning in the mountain those glass blue lamps.

But seamen wander towards home, nodding farewell to a steamboat
which carried, among palms and iceberg;
them and the Norwegian flag!

A wonder happens;
the blonde nights
Bird mountains asleep
in the midnight sun

A light that that dreams
In the slopes of the cliff

Until suddenly it burst
in thousands of wings!

Let Norway fill our hearts!
Can you hear the song of the land?
listen to a small tune,
It is your own sound!


Out in the darkness of the forest
Among mountains and rocks
Roars a thunder
Like rolling boulders.

It is trolls going to war
Marching to war against Thorr.
Trolls that will leave
Jotunheim (the home of the trolls in Old Norse mythology) tonight

The trolls are marching;
In the darkness glow
Their eyes like torches,
Their fits shuffle
Along the ground when they walk.
They puff and blow
A song of war
Of monotone sounds
Is answered by Thorr:

Like a thunder cloud
Like a hammerfall
Thorr arrives from Åsgard (home of the Æser, Old Norse gods)
...in his wrath
...in his rage
He slaughters trolls in contempt

Now you shall bleed, Thorr
Now you shall die, troll.
Blows you shall take, Thorr
Pain you will suffer, troll.
The gods will fall and Jotunheimen rule.
The trolls will turn to stone and
Odin’s power will never die.

Thorr’s hammer killed many
Trolls in the battle tonight
The boulders lay spread
The bodies in the forest


A lonely flame glowed in the dark
A lonely fire gave warmth in the cold
The fimbulwinter (also a concept from Old Norse mythology, a winter several times longer and harder than a regular winter)
Showed no mercy
To neither god nor beast

The earth shook with violent tugs
From the caves came forth
Beasts that once were chained.
In the east and west,
In the north and south,
Raised themselves hordes and foes.

Every einherjer (the dead warriors of Valhalla) lay quiet and waited
For the song of the golden rooster
That in the morning would wake all
Those would die cruelly.
The battle that was the end,

This night was doomsdaynight,
The last night the proud gods
And the foul beasts
In this lifetime would see.
Morning was doomsday

Under pale black sky
In snow and storm
They waited for death calmly and without contempt
One lives the most during ones last hours.
...destiny cannot be changed.

The lonely flame in the dark
And the lonely fire
Saw more life during the last hours
Than the world had seen in all its time;
When death awaits is life most precious.

The night blows colder when
Daytime shall never arrive.
Beyond the darkness lay the corpse of the sun,
She was betrayed by wolves,
Beside bled the moon its last blood,
The wolf’s bite had left its marks.
Darkness rules, but not forever.
Beyond the darkness waits
Doomsday for its time to come.

09 08 2004

Saint Vitus lyrics :: Dying Inside

I have got to change my ways
'Cause I'm losing my mind
I have got to stop drinking
'Cause I'm dying inside
I feel twice as old as I am
And it's getting worse
I'm in the palm of habit's hand
I can't escape the curse
There is nothing that I can do
I have no self control
I have let myself become dead
I have ruined my soul
Every time I wake up sick
I say never again
But then opportunity knocks
And I'm wasted my friend
I can't control my addiction
I've tried time and time again
I'm losing all my friends and lovers
Alcohol knows it's gonna win
Now I have lost everything
And I really don't care
Everybody that I have known
Has out cast me here
Drinking has wasted my life
And I'm dying inside
I feel twice as old as I am
I've lost what left of my mind
I can't control my addiction
I've tried time and time again
I'm losing all my friends and lovers
Alcohol knows it's gonna win

07 08 2004

SUNN live vs UK/IRE aktions


SUNN is preparing a tour of UK/Scotland & Ireland in late November-December of this year. More information to follow as this is hammered.

If you are interested in booking on this tour please contact Jodie Cox/Riverman in London.

pic July 2004 NYC via Glynnis McDaris

07 08 2004

KHANATE west coast!


Please notice that the front end of this has changed, as has the lineup on Sept 6th in Los Angeles.

KHANATE west coast bitterness 2004
1st September GRACELAND Seattle w/ Earth & Asva www.ticketmaster.com/venue/123304
2nd September SAMURAI DUCK Eugene w/ Yob, Graves at Sea, Wormwood
3rd September BARBATIS PAN Portland w/ Earth & Asva www.berbatis.com
4th September ELBO ROOM San Francisco "3 Days of Darkness" w/ Goatsnake, Thrones, Graves at Sea, Lair of the Minotaur www.threedaysofdarkness.com
5th September TBD
6th September KNITTING FACTORY Los Angeles w/ High on Fire, Goatsnake, Graves at Sea, Lair of the Minotaur www.knittingfactory.com

We will have special tour only tshirts, a 3rd edition of our live DVD (with new material) and a "Live & lo-fi in Scandinavia" CDR for sale at the above shows.

Genius portraits via Dennis Tyfusch

05 08 2004

Witch doctors arrested in raid on fetish shrines
Thursday, August 5, 2004 Posted: 9:08 AM EDT (1308 GMT)

LAGOS, Nigeria (Reuters) -- Nigerian police have arrested 30 witch doctors in a raid on fetish shrines in southeast Anambra state where over 50 decomposing bodies and 20 human skulls were discovered, a police spokesman said Thursday.

The heads, genitals and other vital parts of some of the bodies, found in a teak forest in Okija village, had been severed, a sign they may have been killed for ritual.

"We saw more than 50 bodies in various coffins. There were several skulls, some of them really fresh," Anambra police spokesman Kolapo Shofoluwe told Reuters by telephone.

Ritual killing is common in some parts of Nigeria where many people believe they can become instant millionaires by using human organs to make potent charms. Many Nigerians mix traditional religions with Christianity or Islam.

Police said preliminary investigations showed that the people died after the sorcerers engaged them in an animist ritual.

As part of the ritual, the victims pledged their property, including bank accounts, to a deity upon their death, the officer said. Their relations were made to believe they would also die if they refused to give up the property.

"We are looking beyond the deity," Shofoluwe said, adding that at least 20 shrines were raided.

"The priests may have killed the people for ritual, or to obtain their property by false pretense or they may have been running a human parts market," he said.

Shofoluwe quoted a villager who had tipped police off, as saying the sorcerers ate the flesh of some of their victims.

Local media reported Thursday that the witch-doctors enjoyed the patronage of rich businessmen and influential politicians in eastern Nigeria.

"I am sure our investigation will reveal a lot of things in the next two or three weeks," said Shofoluwe, who said he did not know the identity of the sorcerers' patrons.

From CNN.com

03 08 2004

anti-SUNNO))) VINYL whining

Greg was sent this email recently.

On Aug 1, 2004, at 8:32 AM, Cesnjesjsi Pahomije wrote:

> Hello,
> This is just my comment on Your hypocritical attitude and notes
> regarding this album I want(ed) so much-read it or don't.
> Please do not insult Your audience's intelligence with more
> than brainless comments like "We are definitely not trying to piss
> people off, or perpetuate Ebay greed". If there is such a great
> interest in the vinyl version ("This release has honestly gone way
> beyond our expectations....."+containing a BONUS TRACK!), then why not
> repress it?! Over and over and over again in limited quantities (if
> You like Your music to be "limited").....
> Now take a look how two-faced Your "concern" is ".....(*we also ran
> out of clear vinyl, so some mailorder folks got the equally rare
> double white vinyl version sorry... for any inconvenience)....."-a
> It's obvious that You've never had a right attitude to Your buyers!
> You sound like spoilt middle-classed metal kids. Have You ever heard
> that Crass and Conflict are still printing their albums on vinyl?!
> Have You ever heard about punk at all and statements like "Do not pay
> more than....." printed on vinyl covers?!!!!!
> In the end, one can only conclude this-Your growing popularity
> increased Your greed/Your greed will increase Your
> self-indulgence/Your self-indulgence will reflect on Your creativity.
> You ARE trying to perpetuate Your and eBay greed!!!!! Do You enjoy
> seeing people wasting their hard-earned money on Your records?! Do You
> have some kind of bogus feeling that Your music "worths more" that
> way?! Your talent is undeniable, but I can't believe that You have a
> need to prove it in this dire way.
> Maybe replicated bootlegs will be the solution to this problem-when
> the market get sick of Your "limited" items by not knowing which
> item's a bootleg and which is not, You'll come to Your senses. Your
> "limited edition" attitude is offensive to all the people who
> respect/admire Your work.
> This is such a double-dealing contradiction with Your "underground"
> stances. Maybe a bit ironic from Your side.....
> I'll keep listening to Your music that I like SO MUCH, but
> I'll consider if I will ever support You again.....
> Reverend Pahomije
> ALL-NEW Yahoo! Messenger - all new features - even more fun!

In response: the days of discord pricing shit on the outside is gone, and way over. i wish we could still do that, but we live in different times.

That said, we have always offered our vinyl editions at fair prices, considering the costs. If you look at other labels, we could get away with charging a lot more, but we dont. Don't look at people selling on eBay and related as a measure of how we sell our albums.

1000 are guaranteed to buy vinyl, 2000 are not.

Most of all: we do what we can afford and then more. Vinyl is not a cheap prospect, as any label who continues to procreate the lost form will concede. We take pride in our releases, beyond the compatibility with record collectors collections.

Funny how YOU not getting YOUR records becomes a political issue.

Please stop harrassing us like this. We're happy to announce the edition of several other "limited" runs of various vinyl releases in the future. If you can't find one before they are gone, do yourself and us a favor and buy the releases on CD. We will always try keep our CDs in print as long as people keep up a demand for them.

Thanks for listening.


02 08 2004




Fourth issue (the "Piss Christ" cover) of my old magazine, DESCENT unearthed at this Lithuanian distro. This has been out of print for about 6 years so surprising to find copies out there.

1998 (actually published in 1997)
68 pages A4
7 €


Another review of the issue.

Descent Mag shirt design from 1994

02 08 2004

Seldon Hunt Rules Divine

HUNT0))) says: (8:06:07 PM)
hey i wrote this in response to whether i was going to a big design festival here at the local cultural big budget building arts complex. lotta hoo haa about it...

HUNT0))) says: (8:07:00 PM)
mate the design fest can shove it up its proverbial arsehole. 10 years on
and im still considerd to be a shit nothing by the 'mainstream' design
rollneck cocksuck brigade. the reason i am still utterly poor and on dial up
and will remain so probably forever is that i am not appreciated at all by
those fuckhose cockwanker cunts who shove tulips up each others arse at how
fucking easily shit they ar

HUNT0))) says: (8:07:04 PM)
subculture is what has
accepted me and to them i remain fiercely fucking loyal. mainstream is the
enemy and i will burn their fucking children and their families to the
ground. fuck that shit.

O'Maldehyde says: (8:07:08 PM)
your tellin me

HUNT0))) says: (8:07:25 PM)
i have zero interest in conservative mediocre middle class big budget clever
dick softy boy polito-cheese wanker design. they can grin into their
chardonnay and congratulate each other on celebratiung rich peoples dreams
at the expense of true hearted beleivers in humanity who try to find
something in the innocent and the undiscovered.

HUNT0))) says: (8:07:49 PM)
im not going to wet my
cheezels looking at smart arse solutions to developers eyesores and HG
Madden solutions to how to empty cork from a bottle or heavily funded
interactive projects given to smarmy sweet breathed agreeablos from innerr

HUNT0))) says: (8:08:04 PM)
living spaces who styllize the obvious and plagiarize the original in
order to eat sushi and commend their 'bros' on their sweet moves at mock
subculture theme bars. CUNTS.

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