10 06 2004







Rev. Kriss Hades live performance photos. Also please look at the SADISTIK EXEKTION homepage and peruse their new album, FUKK 2 for moments in utter bleakness

10 06 2004




10 06 2004


Cristiane Richardson should be broadcasting the KHANATE interview this Friday 11 June 2004, starting at 7 pm (repeat sat 12th) on her show:

'Hellish Sounds to Decimate Posers'
LIVE - Fridays 6pm to 9pm British time
REPEAT - Saturdays 6am to 9am British time

The first hour will be a Bathory tribute.

09 06 2004
09 06 2004



Watch this amazing video of Devandra Banhart live on The Jools Holland BBC show

08 06 2004



Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg 1965-2004
Laid in ship of Oak
On final sail to fate
Steel is at side
Drifting to the open Gates of
BATHORY Valhalla Hammerheart 1990

BATHORY Mastermind QUORTHON Dead At 39 - June 8, 2004

BATHORY mastermind Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, June 7, informed sources have confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. The 39-year-old son of Black Mark Records owner Börje Forsberg, long considered one of black metal's founders, died of an apparent heart failure. More information as it becomes available.



07 06 2004


SUNN O))) White2 Record Release shows!

1st July SOUNDLAB Buffalo 110 Pearl Street, Buffalo NY http://www.bigorbitgallery.com/
2nd July DETROIT ARTS SPACE Detroit 101 East Baltimore w/ 25 Suaves & Lair of the Minotaur www.detroitartspace.10eastern.com
3rd July EMPTY BOTTLE Chicago 1035 N Western Avenue w/ Wolf Eyes & Kevin Drumm www.emptybottle.com
4th July TRIPLE ROCK Minneapolis 629 Cedar Ave S w/ Lair of the Minotaur www.triplerocksocialclub.com
27th July OTTOBAR Baltimore 2549 North Howard Street w/ Comets on Fire & Hidden Hand www.theottobar.com/
28th July NORTHSIX Brooklyn 66 North 6th Street w/ TBC www.northsix.com
29th July KNITTING FACTORY New York 74 Leonard Street w/ Comets on Fire, Hidden Hand www.knittingfactory.com

07 06 2004

tour poster


I have some leftover tour posters from KHANATEs recent Euro-jaunt for sale. This was printed 2 color on A2 size, ad looks striking if I may say so...

The price: 13 US, $16 ppd PER POSTER sent rolled in a mailing tube.

Please contact me at khan8@ideologic.org if you are interested. Thanks.

the item in discussion

04 06 2004


Khanate , Single Unit – Live at Gallery Schaufenster, Oslo 15/5 2004

The Khanate / Single Unit gig was a ripping success. Lots of people, lots of beer, nice weather, more people and more beer. The event started at six with a barbecue but due to a strike charcoal was not to be found anywhere in Oslo. Me and Lars Morell had been helping out Single Unit to fix the stage the day before. The whole thing took place at Schaufenster Gallery, witch is located in a old industrial space. As there was no stage we put carpet on the floor to define an are, ugly green and ugly blue, turned out very nice. Also Lars and I did a wall painting, Khanate vs. Single Unit. I did the Khanate painting, a dungeon scene, and Lars did a piece full of insects crawling around and forming letters spelling out Single Unit.

There was some nervousity about the turnout of people. All clubs in Oslo had turned down Khanate, as they would scar away good paying customers on a Saturday. But with the help of some e-mail lists, poster, flyer handout and word by mouth 150 people came out to drink beer in the parking lot outside. This was a mix of crowds, art geeks, electronica geeks and metal geeks. Prada shirts next to Iron Maiden shirts and bristles armband, great atmosphere. Everybody seemed happy. All this people were enough to fill out the room.

Single Unit was firs out, putting on a set with “Family of Forces” songs and impro noise. New this time was his lightshow. Using ten work lights placed on the floor and hanging from the sealing, controlled by a sequencer. This added visual element created a hares, industrial, explosive atmosphere to his performance and boosted the intensity 1000 times. Perfect, 10 points! The set was short and intense, less than 30 minutes. No fuck ups with the equipment this time.

Khanate! Khanate! Khanate! Khanate!

The gods of slow, sludgy noise doooom. I can’t tell how much I have been looking forward to this gig. They came on and opened up with “Commuted” from new record “Things Viral”. I loved this on record but live it was so much more intense. No safety net, the slowness of the music is a balance act. They are walking on the line were the threat is the collapse of the song. You are forced to listen to the sound. Heavy down tuned guitars, intonations, feedback, sloooooow. Will you remember the last not when the next is played? Its like Morton Feldman had written chamber music for a metal band. Zen metal!

Also important factor is their hypnotic stage presence. Minimal movement and gestures. Singer Alan Dubins three or maybe four posses repeated thru the set. Holding the microphone out like it was a candle or a dagger, staring at nothing. As far as I could see the audience was sticking around. Everybody was standing still and just calmly watching. The band managed to play four songs in fifty minutes. I wanted more, like “Skin coat” but this is till one of the best shows I seen in a long time.

They also had a lot of cool merch with them, killer design t-shirts, CDs, LPs, etc. They also hade a live DVD sold only on this tour, but it didn’t work on my DVD player…..aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

Also very nice to see Andy Hartwell again, who hade come along as merch guy.

Afterwards we went to a bar and thanks to Alan’s killer weed I was a bit lost. It was very nice talking to Steve about his other bands and design projects, priceless listening to Tim trying explain to what Khanate sounded like, when asked by a drunk chick.

Also a circle came to close when I could chat with my teenage years godz Jim Plotkin and Alan Dubin from Old. Drop any name of anyone from the music buiss and you get a full on crazy anecdote back. Hope to see these guys soon again with Khanate or their other killer projects.

—review by Kalle

See more photos

Also note video clip below from the performance

04 06 2004





Our friend & artist Arik Roper has a web site up at long last! Check it out here

He's also selling some 11x17 posters of some of his artwork for very reasonable prices.

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