01 04 2004


Though we are three, it feels like more.
in fact this very Friday night we will grow into
further reaches of the terra cotta container.
root bound and constrained, the need to break the pot and seek water further down, has come again.

April 2nd 2004 Tractor Tavern on Ballard Ave

JRLP + Downer 3
the Secret Three
Mike Dumovich(sp?)

After a Vancouver Canucks laden performance in
Austin's SXSW, JRLP + D3 will attempt to further the truth with a mostly rock set of songs(all songs, no instrumentals) from our upcoming release called Customs. The record will be released sometime this month (probably at the show as well) by Moneyshot(US), and 12XU(across the pond). Preceding us and probably joining us as well, are the Secret Three of Joel's now city of residence, Vancouver BC. You'll need to see them, as will I, since they play with Joel in Vancouver, and I know little about them. Delorean will be on at an earlier time, probably in the 9:45- 10 zone. I've only read about them in Harp magazine, and taken the word of good authority that they'll be worth your ticket alone. My addition to the night is my friend Mike Dumovich(might be a t before the ch?), to open the show with some songs, closer to the end of dinner hour. So seal the pie-hole early and get down and catch his songs of sadness and delight closer to 9 pm. Sometimes he plays with Evynnd Kang, and that would only be a bonus Mike is a criminally underrecorded master of song.
Spread the word.>>>>Bill Herzog

From a email communique via multi-instrumental inspirer Herzog

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