20 04 2004

NAZGUL'S 10th Anniversary

Cult German label sent me this news today

The Past Is Alive...

As of this moment you can officially preorder the first 6 albums of the NAZGULS EYRIE 10th anniversary reprint series at www.thebasar.org/restocknew.html !

The albums in question are:
DAWNFALL "Dominance Of Darkness"
BEHEMOTH "... From The Pagan Vastlands"
COUNTESS "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam"
MORTUARY DRAPE "Secret Sudaria"
BARATHRUM "Infernal"

All albums are limited to 666 handnumbered copies and the original artwork and sound is used. If you always wanted to complete your NAZGULS EYRIE collection and didn´t want to go through eGay now is your chance.

If you have any questions contact orders@thebasar.org, if you run a distro and want to buy wholesale contact wholesale@thebasar.org ! Please keep in mind that we are on vacation as of today and until June 1st 2004 CE so answering mail is not our top priority.

19 04 2004



A: Have no Fury
B: Jag Var i Kulverten
All music by Shift
Recorded + mixed by Shift and Dan Setthammar
Mastered by Dan Setthammar
Design by Stephen O’Malley
Thank you Peggy
Heidenlärm Sounds 2004

19 04 2004




Seldon is kicking ass.

18 04 2004

KHANATE tour merchandise




Here are previews of the tour merchandise we will have available on KHANATEs May jaunt of Scandinavia/UK/BeNeLux (see below for dates). Since people are asking... please do not email me asking about mailorder or reservations, because there are none. Just come to the shows... there will be 130 of the tshirts & PAL DVDs available and 34 of the zipper hoodies (we are making smaller sizes amongst these).

We will also have the following available:

Things Viral LP+12"
No Joy 12"
Lotus Eaters CDs
S/T tshirts (sigil from the first album)
Tour posters, as seen on the splash page

...and maybe some other special items (the 3" I mentioned below for example).

17 04 2004



Split 12" Picture disc between the two bands to be released in June. 500 copies in silkscreened cover.

ASVA "Caprichos 1-80" 18:57
(Stuart Dahlquist, Brad Mowen, Dylan Carlson 2003)

BURNING WITCH "Rift Canyon Dreams" 13:08
(Outtake from the album session of the same moniker 1997)

Both tracks unreleased. For more information click here to email the label. Dylan's unusually Dead Man-esque guitar playing on ASVAs track is monumental!

16 04 2004





Check out this ultracool Jessamine single!!! Has a lock on the cover you have to pick to get the record out. I did this once at Greg's house with a bobby pin. Still available for a measly $6 from Barsuk

...and the music is great too.

Rex Ritter and Dawn Smithson (who play with SUNN O))) ) were part of this great pyche-pop-rock group from Seattle in the 90s. They released 3 albums on Kranky and a multitude of singles before calling it a day. Andy Brown and Rex still play together in Fontanelle, and Dawn recently re-emerged into music again via the robes of SUNN O))). She is also working on a solo album (which I will be contributing some guitar) and recently recorded vocals for a 12"/ltd 3" CD (which will be sold on KHANATEs upcoming European dates) I am putting together for the English label Aurora Borealis. Steve Pittis from Band Of Pain and the Dirter label is the other third of that project.

15 04 2004



we are pleased to announce the debut of a previously unknown photo-documentary:

the Sadistic Exploits of Savage Pink
by Allison Schnackenberg
photos, sound installation & ephemera documenting the d-i-y social revolution that rocked america 1978-1985

opens friday . may 14 . 2004 . 7-9 pm

show runs may 14 - june 19 . 2004
gallery hours tu - su . 12 noon - 6 pm . th 8pm

96 Gillespie webpage on the showing.


Allison Schnackenberg was born in Arlington Virginia and spent a migratory childhood on the east coast of America.

During 1977 she heard the rumblings of social and musical rebellion, and by 1980 when she graduated high school, punk rock was blooming underground in the cities and suburbs.

Allison immersed herself in the d-i-y culture of punk and hardcore - creating the fanzine Savage Pink, booking shows, playing in bands, and fighting The Punk Wars in creative ways out of Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, San Francisco, and Miami.

The Sadistic Exploits of Savage Pink is comprised of photographs and stories, scraps and memories, words and images collected between 1978-1985. It provides a snapshot history of the period when enterprising American youth got angry and inspired enough to create a counter-cultural revolution with an impact that resonated throughout music, art, literature, and probably most interestingly, the lives of the kids who made it happen.

Please come to the opening Friday, May 14th from 7-9PM.

Show runs May 14 - June 19. 2004

Location: 96 Gillespie, 96 Gillespie Road, (Arsenal Tube), London N5

Contact: Melanie Standage or Pat Graham

Phone: 020 7503 3496
96 Gillespie email

12 04 2004


Worshipping this ancient death metal legend recently. Here's info on some of the seminal death metal individuals from late

The following HTML was taken from Mother North website and modified slightly, also without permission. Despite Gryn's reviews, these recordings salve as timeless work in my book.



Nihilist was one of a couple of bands who began the swedish death metal scene. Many of the guys who were a part of Nihilist later formed or played in legendary bands like Entombed and Unleashed. It all started out, when Nicke Andersson,later the drummer in Entombed, formed the band in 1987 together with Alex Hellid, now the guitarist in Entombed, and Leif "Leffe" Cuzner on bass. They recruited a guy called Mattias Boström to do the singing, but he was unstable and so the later Entombed singer, L.G. Petrov was asked to help them out. With this four piece lineup and Petrov as session vocalist, the band recorded their first demo in 1988, with some help on guitar by Uffe Cederlund, now the current guitar player in Entombed, but without Mattias as vocalist. After this, Mattias left the band. Petrov now became a permanent member of Nihilist, and a new bass player was introduced in Johnny Hedlund, who later formed the heathen death metal band Unleashed. Leif now took on the guitars, and with this constellation, Nihilist recorded their second demo in Sunlight Studios, and it was produced by Tomas Skogsberg, who had a great role to play in the sounds of the early swedish death metal and doom bands. Some months later Leif moved to Canada, and Uffe Cederlund was asked to become a permanent member, which he accepted. In august 1989 the third and last demo was recorded, and as the other members had some problems with bassplayer Johnny, they decided to break up the band. The other four guys stayed together though, but it was the end of Nihilist as they changed their name to Entombed.

Nihilist 1989: L.G. Petrov, Johnny Hedlund, Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid and Uffe Cederlund

Premature Autopsy, Demo, 1988.  Rating: 60
A really good first demo by these swedish death metallers. The first two tracks, Sentenced To Death and Supposed To Rot were really groundbreaking at the time and no wonder, this sound and style were making big headlines back then in the underground community. These, the first Nihilist tracks ever released, were actually some of the best, Nihilist had to offer. Supposed To Rot is so good that it even made it to the first Entombed full length Left Hand Path under the same name. The last track is called Carnal Leftovers, and it can also be found in an Entombed version on their debut, but as a bonus track.

Only Shreds Remain, Demo, 1988.  Rating: 63
The three track Only Shreds Remain is their best demo, and it is kicked off by the great track Abnormally Deceased. Not surprisingly, as the bassist in Nihilist, Johnny Hedlund, later moved on to play in Unleashed, there can be heard a noticeable Unleashed sound on the second track, Revel In Flesh. In fact there is a more Unleashed like feeling on this demo than on the others, and that is also heard on the vocals, which, at least on Revel In Flesh, are very similar to those on the great Unleashed tribute to our heathen forefathers, Across The Open Sea. So similar that I suspect that Johnny also did the vocals on at least this track, as opposed to Lars Göran Petrov, who are usually considered as being the vocalist of Nihilist. The shreds that remained from Nihilist in the band Entombed can be heard on Alex Hellid's or Uffe Cederlund's solo on the last track, Face Of Evil. This distinct sound is being used in Entombed even today, and it's pretty interesting to experience hearing this. A really good demo, and I recommend you check it out, if you should one day be fortunate enough to get your hands on this one. The first two tracks are also on the Entombed debut.

Drowned, Demo, 1989.  Rating: 55
This demo, originally released on tape, was also released the exact same year on 7" vinyl, and it is from this release, the cover has been scanned. The demo cover only differs by the invertion of the 7"'s colours. Two tracks are presented on this demo, Severe Burns and When Life Has Ceased. They are both good death metal tracks with a few outbursts of fast tempo and you can hear the guys are getting more tight and precise in their play. Interesting it is also to hear their development in the sound, which is getting more Entombed like, so the demo is definitely worth a listen. When Life Has Ceased is also featured on the Entombed debut. There exists a rehearsal tape of this demo, that includes an unrealeased track recorded in the same session. This track, Morbid Devourment, is available on the 1989 bootlegRadiation Sickness.

Radiation Sickness, Bloody Rude Defect, 1989.  Rating: 61
We usually don't care to review bootlegs on Mother North, but when it comes to Nihilist, Radiation Sickness is too interesting to go unnoticed. Partly because Nihilist only recorded a scarce amount of tracks and three of them are only on this bootleg, but also because of the quality of these tracks. The 7" contains, as mentioned, three tracks. These were recorded during the Drowned recording session, and they were not released until this bootleg came out, a while after Nihilist's departure from death metal history. The title track Radiation Sickness is a cover of the band Repulsion, whom I know nothing about, but by the impression I get from the Nihilist cover, I would say that it is probably a punk band, and the "Oooh baby" outbreak at the closing surely made me laugh :). Track two is a re-recording of Face Of Evil from the Only Shreds Remain demo, but it doesn't sound that different really. The last track Morbid Devourment, sound like Dismember and Entombed because of the guitar sound, which is excellent, but also a lot like Unleashed. The production is obviously pretty bad, but that does not ruin the fact, that this is a great death metal track, probably the best, Nihilist made along with Supposed To Rot, Revel In Flesh and Face Of Evil. Entombed thought a great deal about this track aswell, as it is also featured on their debut. Radiation Sickness, with these three tracks, therefore must qualify as the best Nihilist release together with the second demo and the first demo as a close runner up, and it was rather ironic, that Nihilist didn't release it themselves.

Gryn made these reviews, and the rating only reflects this sick individual's opinion.

12 04 2004
11 04 2004







GO SEE THIS BAND. Jesse's voice is so good it makes me cry. Her/their debut albumReckless Burning is a slow post-opiated drift through sadness and core level resistance. Highly anticipating the new one Oh My Girl on 19th April!

Apr 23 Printemps de Bourges
Apr 25 Brighton, Hanbury Ballrooms
Apr 26 London, Borderline
Apr 27 Glasgow, The Victorian Bar @ The Tron Theatre
Apr 28 Manchester, Star & Garter
Apr 29 Liverpool, Academy
Apr 30 Dublin, Whelans
May 4 Amsterdam, Paradiso
May 5 Malmo, KB
May 6 Gothenburg
May 7 Oslo, John Dee
May 8 Stockholm
May 10 Paris, Café de la Danse
May 11 Strasbourg, La Laiterie
May 12 TBA
May 13 Brussels TBC
May 14 Evreux, L'Abordage

"Jesse Sykes has the perfect voice. It expresses longing, heartbreak, and existential loneliness with powerful understatement. Like Emmylou Harris in her Elite Hotel period with a half-a-pack-a-day habit or Cat Power's Chan Marshall on the right meds, Sykes has a silvery voice that frays in just the right places. Her noir-country on her excellent debut, Reckless Burning, is shaped with collaborator Phil Wandscher (Whiskeytown's best and most modest guitarist) and it carves out its own unique niche. The first three songs alone show the range within her consistent sound. From the molasses-slow unraveling of the title track to the mournful banjo of "Doralee" to the soaring ode to heartbreak on "Lonely Still," Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter find every shade of blue and discover redemption in looking loss right in the eye. Live, Sykes is a quiet storm, filling a room with her atmospheric songs and transforming the crowd. Standing around in a bar, hearing the gorgeous melancholy of "Drinking with Strangers" is as perfect as a moment can be."
-Nate Lippens, The Stranger

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