18 02 2004

KHANATE tour shirt design


Art: Seldon Hunt / Color/design: SOMA

12 02 2004


For PROBOT listening party

IntroBeheritDrawing Down The Moon
IntroMaster's HammerRitual
His Majesty At The SwampVarathronHis Majesty At The Swamp
Kirkjur Skola BrennaVondurStridsyfirlysing
As All HellHemlockLust For Fire
Bird Of Ill OmenSabbatDisembody
Beasts of the ApocalypsePossessedBeyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror
AssassinTroublePsalm 9
(Birth Of Evil) Virgin SinDarkthroneGoatlord
No Angel Or DemonWitchcraftWitchcraft
Ekki Krist-Opinberun I & IIVondurStridsyfirlysing
Flower's RedSabbatDisembody
Intro / The HereticPossessedBeyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror
Australian And Anti-ChristDestroyer 666Unchain The Wolves
Sadomatic RitesBeheritDrawing Down The Moon
Satan's HammerDestroyer 666Unchain The Wolves
Itzam Cab Ain KatunXibalbaAh Dzam Poop Ek
Satan's CursePossessedSeven Churches
Pull the PlugDeathLeprosy
AbominationsMorbid AngelBlessed are the Sick
Lust For FireHemlockLust For Fire
Horus/AggressorHellhammerApocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.
Angry ManSaint VitusSaint Vitus
Baptized in BloodDeathScream Bloody Gore
Teacher's PetVenomBlack Metal
Autumn LeavesVed Buens EndeWritten In Waters
Brain ScanVoivodDimension Hatröss
Cerna SvatozarMaster's HammerRitual
NuisanceGriefMiserably Ever After
Choke On ItDeathLeprosy
As Flittermice As Satans SpysDarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger
Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightmares?SabbatDreamweaver
Into The PentagramSamaelWorship Him
Kapitel IULVERBergtatt
DestinyWinterInto Darkness

12 02 2004

KHANATE live tour DVD design


This is being manufactured to sell at our tour dates only, please dont email me about mailorder. Thanks.

12 02 2004

MIASMA performance


MIASMA is a group by Danielle from GUAPO, Penalty for Harbouring Partisans is James Horse Hospitals band. Check it!

05 02 2004



Killing black metal album Southern Lord is releasing on LP only.

05 02 2004


KHANATE & SUNN O))) are being booked by KORK agency. To inquire about booking live performances of either act please contact:

tel: 510.658.4455 email: kork@korkagency.com

05 02 2004

GORGOROTH invoke hell



"The recording of Norwegian metal group Gorgoroth has irritated the workers of Cracow TV Centre. The members of trade unions called the meeting in this case, and direction informed (advised) police for the possibility of insulting religious feelings. During the Sunday's show in TV studio for order of Katowice's producer, on the stage apperaed two naked femalemodels and one man - they all were hanging upon the cross and their bodies were painted with the blood of ram. On the stage also were lot of rams' heads studed on pegs, rams' bowles and 80 litres of the blood of rams.
"After anlysis of recorded material made for order of outside producer we decided that we have to call the police 'cause insult of religious feelings" - said the director of Cracow TV Centre, Andrzej Jeziorek. He also said that the Gorgoroth's performance was the last of four shows in this day. The Gorgoroth's performance started at 10 o'clock p.m. During the thirty minuts pause before the show, the scenery was building behind the curtain. Everybody saw it while the show has started. Workers of TV Center told PAP (Polish Press Agency) that they were apalled (scared in other words) of view of naked, blooded people on crosses. During the recording, one of the femalemodels has lost her consciousness, the ambulence had to intervene.
"We were not angry, we were scared!" - said the workers.
"All this event we estimate very negativly. We think the things like this are not acceptable in Cracow. We called the meeting on Wednesday in this case" - said the boss of 'Solidarnosc's trade union members, Wieslaw Murzyn. The recording of the show was making for the Metal Mind Production from Katowice, which shall sell it on DVD discs. It was not the first order, which Television from Cracow were making for MMP. As the TV Centre workers said, there have never been situation like this one from Sunday evening. The reproach has suprized the chairman of MMP's management Tomasz Dziubinski. 'The artists has to disposal lot of ways of expression, the organizer mostly has no influent on it. On the shows like this go specific people, not many people is there 'cause accidental. Anyway if somebody is feeling hurted, then should get our appologies. We never mentioned to hurt anybody" - said Tomasz Dziubinski."

Article in Norwegian paper Aftenposten "Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth staged a special concert that made Janet Jackson's breast-baring look like nursery school antics and left Catholic Poland outraged."

04 02 2004
01 02 2004



Our comrade Seldon Hunt sent us this great image recently, and the news that he started making ltd editions of tshirts with his great "wisions". enjoy.

01 02 2004

Funny Fahey tales!

Great story: he was at FMU with DJ John Allen (whom he was staying with) with a suitcase with him that had like four socks, underwear, and paint splattered everywhere. After he had been around for like 3 hours, someone came running upstairs and said "John Fahey is in the library stealing records." And indeed, there he was, stuffing records he pulled out of the wall into his suitcase! I laughed and asked him why he was taking them and he said "I wanna reissue these. No one plays them anyway." I said, "John, how do you know?" and he said "let me take them and I'll give you a Captain Beefheart box". I said, the station has one! And then he put them back on the shelf and gave me a painting.

Only got to see him once unfortunately, in like 1997 opening for John Hammond in front of heckling yuppies at Tramps. Fahey was just doing one-string picking, through a delay pedal with a dying/dead battery, held up the show for about 20 minutes when the string broke, asking people for a string and battery. The whole time, he just kinda looked at the audience who expected him to at least make banter or something, this being a supper club type show, but he didn't. Just kinda waited until someone ran out and brought him a string and battery! It was painful, yet somewhat great to see this. I have a great guitar instruction TV show video of him too from1968 where this hostess takes him to task on all his unconventional approaches and he gives her guff right back. A real enigma who stuck to his own path.


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