16 01 2004

Acoustics and Vibration Animations

Visualized radiation from a 426 Hz tuning fork

If you like the way that looks, you should check out the rest of Dan Russell, Ph. D's Acoustics and Vibration Animations website. He has created a number of amazing animations visualizing the movement of sound waves, pressure and vibration (all the same thing really), from various sources. He also explains some basic information about wave phenomena, interference, phasing, etc. Really interesting to see visualized!

Radiation from two sources (dipole)

14 01 2004




We are really appreciating the new SABBAT masterpiece of blacking witchery, "Karmagmassacre"... bringing me back to 1993... Check out this incredible label's efforts here. Iron Pegasus specialize in proper, barbaric metal.

Pic: Andrew Hartwell imitating Kawashima circa 1993

13 01 2004

KHNT cancellations

Apologies but the Syracuse and Providence gigs have been cancelled. We'll try to rebook them as soon as we can.

13 01 2004

KHNT live booking sampler


KHANATE is now booked by Angela Means at KORK AGENCY. We are currently scheduling our first Middle America tour. If you are interested in helping book a show in one of these locations, please contact Angela. Thanks!


3/13: NYC
3/14: Pittsburg
3/15: Louisville (or Cincinnati)
3/16: Knoxville (or Nashville)
3/17: Birmingham
3/18: New Orleans
3/20: Austin (SXSW)
3/21: Oklahoma City
3/22: Lawrence (or St Louis) (w/Stella Link/Season To Risk)
3/23: Columbia (or Des Moines or Springfield)
3/24: Chicago
3/25: Detroit (or Lansing)
3/26: Cleveland

Here's a cover for a sampler CDR we put together to aid in the above purpose.

13 01 2004



12 01 2004

LTBD2 comp sleeve


this is a 5" CD wallet coated matte varnish

11 01 2004



Just listening to the live John Fahey 12" on Table of the Elements and thought to put a note up here on Ideologic. His playing has been an inspiration since I was a little kid (my folks took me and my sisters to see him perform when I was 4 or 5 one autumn night, I think????)... and had a recent revival last year. Check out his website, listen to his music (if you dont already) and read his dream/myth/biography straddling books. Take a look here.

11 01 2004

the man


dug up this great image recently...

09 01 2004



The SUNN O))) will appear in the Italian contemporary arts magazine BOILER in the next months! Check out their webpage for more information.

09 01 2004

Andy Lange





Andy Lange sent me snaps of this sculpture he created, slightly inspired by Alan Dubin's lyrics on the KHANATE track "Pieces of Quiet". In his words: "used the lyrics, "Under a bed, a leg and a saw, red teeth gnaw." and "Metal teeth red, red teeth gnaw, leg and saw." from "Pieces of Quiet" to make a visual interpretation. To give you an idea of size, the wooden base is two and a half by three feet. The sculpture is tentatively titled "Believer." It is made of wood, paint, foam, fabric, cast beeswax, sheet metal and a saw. It also has about an 18 minute long looping audio track that plays through speakers hidden in the mattress. The audio was composed, performed and recorded by myself."

Andy Lange can be contactedhere

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