30 12 2003


Here's the official info from Dave/Surefire:

It is time...time to grab your spell book and pouch of gold pieces, perhaps some well-hidden mead, and head North, beyond the Pioneer Valley, through the winter-barren woods of Guilford to the village of Brattleboro. It is time to spend an evening amongst druids and thieves lost in magical mayhem. A cleansing to prepare you for the upcoming year. To provide church, we have organized an event for the hearty and humble.

We are honoured to invite all to the first ever East Coast live appearance of the mighty SUNN O))). Appearing as well will be New England's SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN and Olde England's CHROME HOOF, this event will surely be one to be remembered.

January 1st, 2004
doors 6:00 pm
show: 7:00 pm

The line up:
€ SUNN O)))
€ Sunburned Hand Of The Man
€ Chrome Hoof (ex- FIREBIRD / CATHEDRAL)

The Loft
74 Cotton Mill Hill
Brattleboro, Vermont

price: $12.00

Tickets: 802-257-8961
info: surefire@surefiredistribution.com
please call or email to reserve as tickets are limited.


91 North to Exit 1 in Vermont (Brattleboro). Take right off ramp onto Canal Street (Route 5 North). Go straight, down the curvy hill, through the stop sign. At the bottom of the hill (just before you hit Main Street/Downtown) take a right onto South Main Street (it's another hill going up). Go approximately 1 mile and take left onto Cotton Mill Hill. The building is at the bottom of the hill (the large three story brick one). Park in large lot and enter through main door by flag pole. Follow signs to the LOFT.

30 12 2003





Great news of the season: the new BORIS epoch is unveiled! I have an advance of this and can highly recommend it as a beautiful heavy psychadelic track... this is perhaps their finest hour to date (in league with FLOOD). FEEDBACKER!!!!! They also have released a DVD... more information here.

CD (2003.12.25)
1song 43:49
Designed by Fangs Anal Satan
2,300yen (tax out)

LP (2004.1.21)
Limited 500
Designed by Fangs Anal Satan
2,500yen (tax out)

27 12 2003


Tuesday January 6th

Tonic is located at 107 Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

8pm Trio S: Doug Wieselman, Jane Scarpantoni & Kenny Wollesen $10 Wieselman leads these members of the Lounge Lizards, Kamikaze Ground Crew and Sex Mob in musical aquatics and dream geographies.

10pm Downriver & James Plotkin $8
With Gerald Menke (steel guitar), Tim Wyskida (drums), Gabe Katz (bass), Andy Hawkins (double neck and six string guitar). Downriver makes instrumental music that is dense, flowing, melodic and uniquely American. James Plotkin will bless the soul with his avant-acoustic electronic collage.

23 12 2003



Thanks to Pe(YO)te for the turn on to this great cult guitar site

23 12 2003

KHANATE liveshots



2 photographers documented KHNT's recent live performances: Nathan Baker shot 1st Unitarian/Philly, and Damien John Neva caught Tonic/NYC. Check the snaps.

Pic: Nathan Baker
review: VICE

18 12 2003


Saturday January 31st
Syracuse, NY

Planet 505
505 Westcott St.
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 471-8646

18 12 2003

PSI new album


contact info for evolving ear is info@evolvingear.com
i think they're $10.00

also more online shit---------a piece called
"science, magic, blues":

18 12 2003


New No York presents

Francisco Lopez
James Plotkin

Saturday, December 27th
8pm, $8
Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street

14 12 2003


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:27:12 -0000

"STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) -- As shoe collections go, the one found by a pair of Swedish hikers definitely had no place in any closet. A Swedish couple hunting on a remote mountain Sunday in Sweden's far northern province of Jaemtland found 70 pairs of shoes, all filled with butter.

"If we knew who had done this we could make them clean this mess up," Alf Kjaellstroem, a province spokesman told The Associated Press Thursday. "It's not going to be pretty when the butter starts to rot. And we have to wait for the snow so we can get up there with the snowmobile."

He said there were 140 shoes of all kinds -- sneakers, children's shoes, high heels, boots and tap shoes -- each stuffed with half a kilo (1.1 pound) of butter and spread out in the landscape. The find was similar to one done by artist Yu Xiuzhen's in 1996. His exhibit "Shoes With Butter", was laid out in the Tibetan mountains surrounding Lhasa, China."

12 12 2003

MP3s online

All former MP3 files have been removed from Ideologic. In their place I have placed the SARIN "NIHILIST" recording. This was created by Edgy 59 and myself in early 1996 and released on the small tape label, Slaughter Productions of Italy, later that year. The minature edition of 93 may have been most appropriate considering the nature and quality of the material. Download it here.

MP3 files on this site will be up for 2 weeks only, or until bandwidth limits are reached (last month went up to 70gb! A damned pain in the wallet). Thanks for the interest.

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