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08 11 2003



In what is hopefully going to be a tradition on this website, I have posted a live radiation of SUNN O))) Hallow'een 2003 @ Camden Underworld in mp3 format for download. The line up for this set was: Stephen O'Malley & Greg Anderson (Guitars), Rex Ritter (Laptop/synth), Dawn Smithson (Bass), Attila Csihar (Vox).

You can download it for free {SORRY FILE HAS BEEN REMOVED AS OF 11.19.03} here! The file is just over 67 megs and clocks in at about 49 minutes. It was recorded live to DAT by our friend Steve Pittis of Dirter Promotions.

Steve and I are also working together on some recordings (Also to feature Dawn Smithson on vocals) for a pair of limited 12"s on the new English label, AURORA BOREALIS, curated by Tony Sylvester and Andrew Hartwell. SUNN O))) is talking to AB about our first 7" ever, which should be a tributary to the cult act BEHERIT. This is all scheduled for 2004.

If anyone out there has live recordings of any of my acts available on mp3 format, please contact me for addition to the online library.

Pic: Steve Pittis at a witch-bathing device in Kent 10/03

08 11 2003







Visual Evidence.

Thanks to everyone for the ritual! the tour was a success, we have some recordings, etc. Cheers to all for the assistance.

Special thanks for DAWN))), REX & ATTILA for making us elevate into previously unknown dimension. JULIAN, you rule as Vikkar always.... graci for the priceless contributions in ROME. TOS & EVA, we can't exist in the old world without you two!

Fuck off to the assholes who stole REX's G4 Powerbook off the stage at ROME. 3 guitars were stolen from Julian's band (off stage) as well. This happened between soundcheck and us performing. The fucking cocks managed to smear shit across a highly integral event. We're all fucking druids anyway and revel in the dirt so FUKK OFF!!!

If your identity is discovered.....

08 11 2003

Natassja in Eternal Sleep no longer!

I have just come across this:

Official Witchery
Well, it was a good week for Norwegian witches. Lena Skarning, a 33-year-old witch who’s been casting spells and stirring the cauldron since she was 20, has won Norway’s first state subsidy to run a business of fortune-telling, potions and cures, and magic. Officials, who deemed her business plan "pretty reasonable and well thought out," awarded Skarning a start-up grant of 53,000 crowns ($7,400) to launch "Forest Witch Magic Consulting," on the condition that she not attempt spells that harm anyone. She plans to use the subsidy to read Tarot cards, create products like magic-bath oil, and teach magic tricks at corporate seminars.

Skarning, who owns a white cat and dresses in black, calls herself a "nice witch" and attributes the growing tolerance of witches and sorcery to the success of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books. "But Harry Potter is a fairy tale and I’m not," she told Reuters. "He rides brooms backwards. Real witches ride with the brush part in front."

"I’m the real thing," she said. "And now I’m Norway’s only state-backed witch."

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