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These are solar sounds generated from 40 days of Michelson Doppler Imager data and processed by A. Kosovichev.

The procedure he used for generating these sounds was the following. He started with doppler velocity data, averaged over the solar disk, so that only modes of low angular degree (l = 0, 1, 2) remained. Subsequent processing removed the spacecraft motion effects, instrument tuning, and some spurious points. Then Kosovichev filtered the data at about 3 mHz to select clean sound waves (and not supergranulation and instrumental noise). Finally, he interpolated over the missing data and scaled the data (speeded it up a factor 42,000 to bring it into the audible human-hearing range (kHz)).

09 10 2003



Final EARTH/NULL tour poster via Mr. Hunt.

07 10 2003

Logbook of The U-68, found on the westcoast of Tinian in Spring 1947

"...At 3500 feet the engine suddenly failed to work. We are surrounded by a terrifying silence, only the murmuring of the currents and the aching of the hull through the gangway and cabins... The U-68 slowly sinks deeper and deeper. At 4230 feet we run aground on a riff-- only a few feet more and the hull would have been crushed..."

"...As of two days we are aground on the riff. The oxygen-bunkers are half way down... To save oxygen we have decided to isolate the engineer Otto Kirsch, the ratings Antionio Scarpa, Giuseppe Latkovich and Giacomo Sussich, and the 2nd Officer Schiffsfahrnich Eduard Orel, who became hysteric, in the engine-room and to flood it. We also hope that the flooding may stabilize our situation on the riff... May God help us all..."

"...Oxygen-bunkers nearly empty. For two hours now the sea has become full of an immense light. It seems as though it is glaring out of itself... From outside the sweetest music seeps through the hull-- and all of a sudden we see the ruins of an ancient city, which may have been obscured by the sands before now. Enormous columns errect themselves from the ground, marble portals lead to an incomparably majestic temple. The light and music seem to somehow arise from it... We have decided to open the hatch at 12:00am and dive towards the temple."

"Found the entries printed in an early booklet of a KALLABRIS 10", entitled "HAFALGAR." They're an interesting minimalistic drone project from Germany which I discovered in the early 90's— although, they have been sonically active since the early 70's in some form or another. Their music isaquatic, somnolent, and desolate in spirit."

—quote courtesy of W. Vitholf

07 10 2003

THINGS VIRAL promotional copies are out


Here's the latest biography sheet which accompanies the promotional press copies::

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American justice: pills, frychair.

Court Begins New Term by Letting State Authority Expand


Published: October 6, 2003

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 — The Supreme Court today let stand a ruling by a federal appeals court that Arkansas officials may force a convicted murderer to take drugs to make him sane enough to be executed.

... The court opened its fall term this morning by listing dozens of cases from lower courts that the justices had reviewed over their summer recess and chose not to reconsider. Although they did not rule directly on the Arkansas and South Carolina cases, both represent an acceptance of expansions of state authority.

In the Arkansas case, the appeals court based in St. Louis had ruled, 6 to 5, that the Constitution's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment would not be violated if the authorities forcibly administered antipsychotic medication to the inmate, Charles Laverne Singleton.

The appeals court rejected arguments by Mr. Singleton's lawyers that giving him the drugs was not medically useful to him, as the only purpose would be to facilitate the ending of his life.

The Supreme Court ruled in a pair of cases in 1986 that executing the insane was prohibited by the Eighth Amendment's edict against cruel and unusual punishment. In one of the cases, Justice Lewis F. Powell set out the standard, saying that "the Eighth Amendment forbids the execution only of those who are unaware of the punishment they are about to suffer and why they are to suffer it."

But until the Singleton case, no appeals court nor the Supreme Court, had ruled on whether a prisoner may be forcibly medicated in order to be made sane enough to be executed.

Mr. Singleton killed a grocery clerk in Arkansas in 1979 and was sentenced to death that year. His mental health began to deteriorate in 1987; he said he believed his prison cell was possessed by demons and that the authorities had planted a device in his ear. He insisted that his victim, whom he had known at the time of the murder, was still alive.

The appeals court judges were in sharp disagreement over what should be done when they ruled in February. Judge Roger L. Wollman, writing for the majority, said that the court had a choice "between involuntary medication followed by execution and no medication followed by psychosis and imprisonment."

Judge Wollman went to some lengths to note that Mr. Singleton's guilt was not in doubt, even though the issue was not before the court.

Judge Gerald W. Heaney, in dissent, said the authorities should have allowed the prisoner to be medicated without the consequence of execution. "I believe that to execute a man who is severely deranged without treatment, and arguably incompetent when treated, is the pinnacle of what Justice Marshall called `the barbarity of exacting mindless vengeance.' "

Scholars in medical ethics have said the notion of medicating people to improve their mental health to the point where they may be executed can present formidable obstacles for doctors. In practice, that could mean allowing nonmedical personnel to administer the drugs.

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circa 1AM October 5th 2003

Thanks to Stacie George and everyone who turned out for the poisoning.

Evidence via Slimm:

04 10 2003

SUNN O))) vs UK Autumn 2003


Final confirmed dates:

Oct 28th Newcastle Cumberland Arms w/Marzuraan, Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg, Jazzfinger
Oct 29th Nottingham Rescue Room w/ Hrvatski
Oct 30th Leeds Bassment w/ / Red Right Hand, Red Star Parade
Oct 31 London Underworld w/ DJ SET from William Bennet of Whitehouse
Nov 1st ROME WASN'T BURNED IN A DAY London Lyric Hammersmith w/ Julian Cope, The Sons of T.C.-Lethbridge

SUNN O))): Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley, Rex Ritter, Joe Preston, Dawn Smithson, Julian Cope (Rome date only)

I put some short SUNN O))) live video online as a tease. These are from the Black Lodge performance in Rotterdam Holland last March.

PMS Black 7 {metallic black} & PMS 804 {flourescent orange} A2 sized lithoprints of this poster will be available for sale at the featured UK gigs.

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