08 06 2003




The editor of ARTHUR, Jay Babcock, has featured SUNN O))) and some of Cope's lyrics from the My Wall ode in the masthead of it's 5th issue. ARTHUR magazine is a magikk & mystikal strewn oversized paper/magazine which features many interesting ideals, art, articles and thoughts from folks generally occupying the space between art / space / time / occult. Plus it's funny and obsessed with music. Some of the contributors to the 5th issue include Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock, David Byrne, Daniel Pinchbeck and Thurston Moore (who is a regular with music reviews)! Thats just the tip of the 'berg. The publication is FREE, you can even download .pdf versions of the rag at the ARTHUR site. Take a look... I highly recommend the Moore interview in the 4th issue as a jumping off point.

08 06 2003



I have been informed that there are less than 50 copies of the SUNN O))) WHITE1 double LP remaining. If you would like one, please contact Southern Lord. A fan took this amazing photo of his shrine to the album, I have to post it here.

KHANATE's NO JOY (remix) b/w DEAD 12" is released tomorrow through Load Records! KHANATE celebrated the release with a successful performance headlining New York's Knitting Factory on June 5th. Thanks to all who attended, and to SAS and Pointlineplane for joining us (unfortunately SIGHTINGS cancelled due to illness). You may order the 12" directly from LOAD RECORDS. Load will also be producing a number of promotional CDR versions for review and/or airplay (yes the tracks are less than 10 minutes). If you are legitimate and would like to review or broadcast our work, please contact Load directly.

KHANATE's next live action will be July 5th at Pianos in NYC, more info to come.

SUNN O))) will perform Seattle (together with FLOOR & THE WHIP) and Portland (SHOD 5 festival) Labor Day weekend, and is working on 3 dates in the midwest sometime in late September. I'll post more information as it emerges.

06 06 2003




Sel sent more beautiful design... here are more treats for your eyes...

05 06 2003


Listen to Religious scholar Elaine Pagels

Her latest book, Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, is about a little-known religious text that was rediscovered in Egypt in 1945. She will explain why the Gospel of Thomas was suppressed by the church and kept out of the canon. Elaine Pagels has been called one of the world's most important writers and thinkers on religion and history. She won the National Book Award for her book, The Gnostic Gospels. Pagels is a professor at Princeton University.

(courtesy National Public Radio)

01 06 2003

LOTUS EATERS interview


Chris Barnes has published an interview with LOTUS EATERS on his website HELLRIDE.

Heres a pic of SUNN O))) at Camber Sands last March. Thanks for the donuts, Howard.

Storms in NYC today....

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