15 05 2003

quest for live SUNN O)))


Still searching... for any video or audio recordings made of SUNN O)))'s recent As Grimm As Death Itself Eurotour performances. I will pay for these in top condition, especially digitally recorded work.

Please contact me privately via email if you may have something to contribute for this possible release

14 05 2003

KHANATE live Aktions Summer 2003



June 5th, 2003
Knitting Factory, NYC
Headlining. Also playing:
Subarachnoid Space
Point Line Plane

KHANATE may also be playing Providence, Boston and NYC (Pianos) during July as well.

np: COMETS ON FIRE "Field Records From The Sun"

11 05 2003

SUNN O))) interview

The website Musique Machine has recently published and interview Greg and I gave in Tubize, Belgium during the SUNN O))) Eurotour in March. Check it out here.

09 05 2003



Heres a cool photo Mr. Cope sent us of Anne and I on the Wansdyke during west winds...

What is Wansdyke? Wansdyke is a long ditch and bank, also known as a linear defensive earthwork - this is the technical term. Wansdyke is dated to the Dark Ages, roughly between 400 and 700 AD. It runs from the Avon valley south of Bristol to Savernake Forest near Marlborough in Wiltshire. Maybe it is not as familiar to many people as Offa's Dyke or Hadrian's Wall, yet it is one of the largest linear earthworks in the UK.

Wansdyke was originally a large bank with a deep ditch in front, and runs in an east-west alignment, clearly pointing to a danger from the north. What was this danger? Who were the builders? The name points to the Saxon god Woden, but that does not mean that it was pagan Anglo-Saxons who actually built it. the name might mean it was only dedicated to Woden by pagan Saxons, or that it was already forgotten who the real builders were. Archaeological research now seems to point to a construction date in the 5th century.

(from Wansdyke homepage by Robert Vermaat)

08 05 2003

Audial/Realiz section updates

I did a large update to the Audial section, and nearly have all of the release to date on there. Many of the imagery is FPO until I can get better/actual scans, but those web swipes will have to do for now.

Also, I have a list of available items for sale in the Realiz section now. Please click on the single image therin to view the list. In the future we'll get it more singular to each item (as far as a visual) but, like I mentioned prior, this site is a constant work in progress.

Thanks. Good night.

NP: HARVEY MILK "My Love is Higher Than your Assessment of What My Love Could Be"

06 05 2003

The Cope Estate / A Wedding Near Tor



Last weekend Anne and I went for a wedding near Glastonbury of our friends Star Gifford and Simon Jones (beautiful....climbed the Tor in the rain and wind). Also we had the pleasure to spend our time partly at Julian & the Cope's farmhouse in Wiltshire, where we were shown/experienced many local neolithic sites (WANDYKE being one), I met many of the characters in MY WALL (Sheila the Witch and her forbidden juvenile hogweed!!!) and discovered the village Yatesbury (which exists today as one manor, one church, one hogweed, one hall and 2 houses)....

You can read the MY WALL text (and Håvard Hedde from the track THE GATES OF BALLARD) right here.

Saw a crop circle too. It was carved into a hillside of rape... which is a fucking BRIGHT YELLOW crop used for clothing die. There are huge fields of the stuff all over the westcountry (Wiltshire, Sussex, etc). This trip changed my mind about England for the better... the West is totally beautiful, dramatic and covered with old towns, hills and ancient sites.

Thanks to Julian & Dorian and the girls for a great time! It was eyeopening!

Speaking of Ancient, here's the SUNN O))) GRIMMROBE 2xPLP design. The bottom section shows the wrapper which will be around the vinyls, printed on black paper and sealed in wax!!! This will be released by NYC's Outlaw Recordings sometime soon, hopefully summer.

06 05 2003

new KHANATE mp3

LOAD have a mp3 of the No Joy (remix) 12" track DEAD online... check it out here.

You can also also pre-order the 12" (described as "Dunted and stunted intra-amplifier dirge from scary places the kids on the milk cartons disappear to for long periods of time. A new class of pharmaceuticals is necessary to understand these rumblings.") directly from LOAD RECORDS... and they tell me that they usually do colored vinyl on the direct mailorder, so if that's what you're looking for....

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