29 05 2003



We found this interesting book about to be revealed in June



The first book about Coil, Current 93, Nurse with Wound

All three bands have a fanatical hardcore following thus guaranteeing the book strong sales. Between them they have consistently sold records successfully worldwide, yet all three have chosen to remain in the shadows. Each book is an individually numbered limited edition with photographs and original artwork, complete with free previously unreleased CD.

Birthed in the fall-out from legendary 'Industrial' units Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV in the late Seventies/early Eighties, David Tibet's Current 93, John Balance and Peter Christopherson's Coil and Steven Stapleton's Nurse With Wound represent the real English underground in all its sexual, cultural and artistic variety. For reasons of social inadequacy, or because their work was deemed too damned perverse, decadent or mad, such artists frequently went unnoticed in their own lifetimes.

For all that, the three groups of friends have maintained a symbiotic, yet uneasy relationship with the mainstream of popular culture, even as their beliefs and practices repel them farthest from it. Their impact goes deeper than is usually acknowledged. Their early pioneering work with samplers, tape loops and electronics has been soaked up and assimilated via the fringes of dance culture and through close friends and collaborators such as Nick Cave, Bjork and Marc Almond, they retain a loose connection to contemporary pop. That said, they'd be the last people to deny that theirs remains very much a secret history. Until now.

HARDBACK including CD

ISBN: 0 946719 40 3

Publication date: March 2003

256 pages - illustrated.
Price UK £35 US $45

More info here: SAF Publishing.

28 05 2003





further imagery from the virtuoso Seldon Hunt!

27 05 2003



Seldon sent me one of his great images today. Thought it may be appropriate herein.

26 05 2003


Interesting article on the nature of a turntable and how you should respect it. Read it here.

25 05 2003




Morten Gaß, from the fascinating low end and low mood purveyors, BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE, whom we cannot emphasize more respect, recently notified us that the two of BOHREN & SUNN O))) were featured together in the massive German metal magazine HAMMER. An article about doom also featured the likes of TROUBLE< whom any association should be commended. Quite humorous considering the nature of SUNN O))) and BOHREN's sounds. But it goes to show that many are metalheads at heart. THX.

23 05 2003



"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." —Albert Einstein

Thanks to Slimm for the millions of live Keiji Haino CDRs I recieved today. Anyone reading this webpage should listen to his music.


20 05 2003
20 05 2003

SUNN O))) WHITE1 vinyl edition

From a statement by Southern Lord:


SUNN 0)))-"White1" 2xLP An epic "High-end Art Piece" (words of Stephen O'Malley!). 2 white vinyl 12"s, 3 sides of music, 1 side with etching, pure white gatefold sleeve, 2 sided lyric/insert. Painstakingly hand-assembled by drone gnomes. The ultimate indulgence for drone warriors. 540 pressed.

SPECIAL PILLOW CASE EDITION: The above mentioned +WHITE PILLOWCASE with embroidered SUNN 0))) logo. + european tour poster + sleeping pill. FOR THE TRUE ONLY! LTD. TO 10 ($40) This edition is available ONLY through Southern Lord direct. There is also a few sets of the test pressings available in the Pillowcase format (3).


Order it direct from Southern Lord while you can. I will not be selling them through Ideologic. Thanks.

19 05 2003

maestro of santoor


We were lucky enough to witness an awesome performance by Shivkumar Sharma (master of the north indian santoor, a hammered dulcimer)& Zakir Hussain (tabla virtuoso) last night at Symohony Space.... WHOA!!!!

Shivkumar Sharma homepage

18 05 2003

Thoughts on the mystik Sun Ra



From the concluding pages of SPACE IS THE PLACE: THE LIVES AND TIMES OF SUN RA by John F. Szwed (1997):

"There was nothing surprising about [Sun Ra's] mysticism per se: scratch any musician and you find a crypto-Pythagorean. Scratch music history and you find a line which stretches back at least as far as Marsilio Ficino in the 15th century and his belief that music is formed of the same substance as spirit, that it has the power to bring individuals into line with the heavens; or to Henry Cornelus Agrippa, who thought music had the power to raise the spirits of the dead. Sun Ra was in a long line of composer-mystics which included Ives, Schoenberg and Stockhausen, to name only a few moderns; and Ornette Colemn, Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxon within the jazz tradition.

Sun Ra's ideas might seem strange, sometimes silly, but much of what he said seems to have parallels with the Gnostics, particularly those of the 12th-century Catharist religion practiced by a series of ascetic and heretical groups in the South of France, a group incidentally which had great influence on the troubadours of that era; but since some elements of it could also be found in various branches of African-American religion, his ideas lie perhaps in some even older spiritual teachings. If he had located his synthesis of these ideas strictly in the past (as he did with Egypt), he could have slipped by as a run-of-the-mill mystic. But when he positioned it in the ultramodern, in technology, in space travel, the warning signals went up....

...In cosmos drama and the Gesanmtrkunstwerk of his shows it was hard to dismiss him lightly. He assembled elements of music, dance, and art which had never been witnessed together, and yet at the same time seemed to distantly allude to tent shows, dance halls, and country churches, as well as to real or forgotten empires. And he did it with a level of intention and seriousness which seemed no longer possible.

A finely tuned if tortured moral sensibility pervaded all of his work, and his myth-ritual statements could wake you to the void in our lives even where it was impossible to accept his solution. "Sun Ra's consistent statement," Baraka said, "musically and spoken is that this is a primitve world. Its practices, beliefs, religions, are uneducated, unenlightened, savage, destructive, already in the past... That's why Sun Ra returned only to say he left. Into the Future. Into Space."


Thanks Jay Babcock for bringin' this to my attention

Sun Ra Research Homepage

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