26 04 2003


The promoters of our Rotterdam show in 0303 have released some photographs of the performance, captured by Simone Romanow.

Black Lodge

26 04 2003

KHANATE live June 5th

KHANATE will be headlining the Knitting Factory on Thursday June 5th 2003. This will be a record release (in a way) for the NOY JOY (remix) 12" on Load, which is scheduled for release June 10th. This is KHANATE's first gig since last July.

We will be joining Subarachnoid Space & Point Line Plane, and probably one other act.

23 04 2003

ATP UK 2003 photos!

We've been made aware of a collection of photos form ATP UK 2003 online!

There's cool ones of Public Enemy, The Magic Band, many other solo artists and SUNN O))) (pix 79-84) of course. Take a look here.

19 04 2003

Kontich flyer

Attached is a flyer of the Kontich/Bel. concert ( flyer was designed and screenprinted by Janus Prutpuss).

17 04 2003


Here's a great photo our friend Enju from Inoxia records took post 3rd April London Underworld SUNN O))) / THRONES / BORIS gig!

L to r: Wata / BORIS, Greg / SUNN O))) & Southern Lord, yours truly, Enju / Inoxia Records

16 04 2003


Some useful/interesting sites regarding our beloved SUNN O))) amplifiers. Historical info and photos etc: Unnoficial SUNN page

Also, the KHANATE "No Joy (remix)" b/w "Dead" 45rpm 12" will be released on LOAD June 10th and distributed through MORDAM. The vinyl is being cut at JOHN GOLDEN whom have been known for their work with Kranky, K, Sub Pop, Melvins etc. Look out for it!

14 04 2003

Upcoming Visual work

The following design projects are underway/in the pipeline:

Zyklon Aeon CD (Candlelight)
The Beast of Attila CD (Southern Lord)
Drone Records 2CD (tumult)
TYR journal 2 cover
Stephen Stapleton book (Ajna)

...as well as my own titles. Check Southern Lord for some recent designs. Here, a view of Zyklon first, second and final drafts (in reverse order).

14 04 2003


Assisted Unearthly Trance (NY) with the recording of their "Seasons of Seance Science of Silence" album for Lee Dorrian's Rise Above Records back in February. I came in and handled the mixing duties. The result of their album is somewhere between darkthrone, eyehategod and celtic frost, a killing mining of dark idea. Check it out. Should be out in the summer.

10 04 2003

KHANATE live material


KHANATE appear on the new Southern Lord sampler CD "Let There Be Doom" witha live version of "Skin Coat". The track was recorded live on WFMU radio and approximates a bulldozer backing over a tin shantytown full of schoolgirls.

SUNN O))) also appears with "The Gates of Ballard" from WHITE1. Other artists on the CD include Earth, Boris, Toadliquor, etc.

Buy and die.

10 04 2003

Upcoming audial work


In the works for release are the following:

KHANATE No Joy (remix) b/w Dead 12"
(Load Records June 2003)

KHANATE 2nd album CD / 2LP
(Southern Lord Recordings September 2003)

(Southern Lord Recordings May 2003)

SUNN O))) Veils It White 12"
(Thin The Herd June 2003 YES IT'S STILL HAPPENING)

SUNN O))) Grimmrobe Demos 2xPicture 12"
(Outlaw Recordings Summer 2003)

(Southern Lord Recordings Winter 2003/4)

LOTUS EATERS Giant Mechanical Toy in the Robot Jungle Picture 12" (Summer 2003)

(Alien8 Recordings Autumn 2003)

Both KHANATE and I (solo work) have tracks on the upcoming Hydrahead/2XHN 2cd compilation, KHANATE with a live version of Earth's German Dental Work (Dubin Mental Work) and I haved a solo guitar track titled Gui-fang.

SUNN O))) appear on a Merzbow Frog remix 2CD on Misanthropic Agenda shortly. The track tackled is titled Catch 22 (Surrender or Die).

...finally, Vincent Chanal and I are working on a 12" album which it looks like will be released through Ajna. Seldon Hunt will grace the design and printing of the sleeves which will certainly be a pleasure for the mind.


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